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Q&A with Aidan Moure - Aesthetic Fashion Curator

by Aidan Moure on Nov 13, 2022

Q&A with Aidan Moure - Aesthetic Fashion Curator - Aesthetic Clothes Shop

We've got a new member of our team - Aidan Moure, our new Aesthetic Fashion Curator, and Content Creator. He has a huge experience in curating aesthetic clothes collections and aesthetic style guides for many websites and social communities. His impact on the modern aesthetic community is immeasurable. We've decided to take a small interview for our Aesthetic Blog so you could glance at his personality and get more info about his work for the community.

Aesthetic Clothes Shop Team.

Aidan Moure Interview Transcription

ACS: Hello Aidan, Nice to have you with us. We prepared a few questions for you. Let's start with the first one - How is your day and what's the weather wherever you are at the moment?

Aidan: Ha-ha, Greetings. I'm doing nice, thank you. I'm in Antalya right now and the weather here is awesome. 26 c degrees right now. People are still swimming in the Mediterranean Sea in November.

ACS: Great! Are you there with friends and family or for business purposes?

Aidan: I'm here with my sister and friends. Planning to leave in a few days back in Tbilisi, Georgia. I've got some work there to be done. Also, even here in Antalya, on a weekend - I'm already working on a new article for an aesthetic clothes shop.

ACS: Hey, that's good news! What will the article be about?

Aidan: Gonna find out in a few days, be patient.

ACS: Ha-ha, okay. So, Tell us about how and when did you get into the aesthetic fashion industry?

Aidan: Oh, that's a pretty long story. I was 19 years old unemployed student who had no clue what to do with his life and wasn't actually worrying about it.

It was my sister who started her online fast fashion business in 2012. At first, I wasn't so interested in this kind of stuff, but a year later she asked me to help her with developing a website and all of the technical stuff related to it.

I had a little experience with WordPress at that age and even worked as a junior SEO specialist for a while in my hometown, so I gladly helped her out with her first online store website. And I'm just great with photoshop, so...

While I was helping her with a website design, with all sorts of fashion-related banners and stuff, I started to have a feeling that I may have an eye for this, you know? The more information, the more and more aesthetic products that I saw - were getting me into the understanding of modern "Tumblr" style fashion and what types of clothes may help you build a specific aesthetic look, and what types of accessories you may use to modify or add a completely different "feels" to it.

There were no well-known, fully formed, and described "mindset" aesthetic styles back there like Dark Academia or Cottagecore. There were social IRL aesthetics like Emo, Punk, Goth and etc. After the Tumblr Era in 2014 things have changed. Internet community started to form all sorts of various aesthetics and styles together, and people all over the world began to look up for Tumblr aesthetic clothes and accessories. And where to buy them.

In 2014 I had my own website called "Style Hunterz". The Idea was to pre-select the best aesthetic clothing from online stores all over the world and allow people to easily and quickly browse our compilation collections and have the ability to buy the items. I was working on this project by myself and learned a lot about what people look for and found many outstanding known and underground online stores. By that time I already had a feeling that I'm on an "Aesthetic Ship" which is taking its role in developing a modern aesthetic community.

In 2018 I had a year-long gap where I decided to switch my career direction and worked as an outsource 3D Artist for AAA games in Trace Studio. I was making a lot of environmental 3D props for well-known online games. A lot of modeling and texturing by hand. I still even have a 3D Artist profile on Artstation. I think this job made an artistic boost in my mindset after a year. It was interesting, but later on, I came back to my own projects and analyzed my experience in both of these areas. I think my heart just told me to get back to an aesthetic fashion and continue to work in that direction.

ACS: Wow, that's cool. So Style Hunterz was an affiliate website?

Aidan: Not really. I mean, there were, of course, affiliate links, but there were a lot of amazing products from indie online shops which you wouldn't find yourself easily.

One of the key features of Style Hunterz was the "style sorting" thing. People may quickly filter all desireable styles they're looking for and find the item they want.

ACS: Nice! Just like our List of Aesthetics.

Aidan: Yes, right! But the number of known and described aesthetic styles was way less than we have now in 2022.

ACS: Is Style Hunterz website still working? Can you give us a link?

Aidan: Unfortunately, no. In 2017 I've joined a small team that offered me to take a part in a similar project called Aesthetic Feed. It was just like Style Hunterz but with a budget for ads and a huge blog. And, of course, a more affiliate-integrated system. By that time I abandoned the SH website. It was working sometime after, but the industry is evolving and I had no time to update it ideally, so people slowly lost interest in it.

ACS: Ok, what about Aesthetic Feed?

Aidan: Working for Aesthetic Feed gave me a lot of experience and by that time there was a huge popularity growth of EGirl Aesthetic. I made a lot of Niche Memes for Instagram and Pinterest for this aesthetic. Just a ton of outfit ideas were created. One twitch streamer girl even hired me to help her make a month-long plan for cosplay/gamer girl style outfits. It was really fun to do.

But the Aesthetic Feed website shut down in 2020. The team left for another project and I was already working as a content creator for Orezoria.

ACS: We were working with the Orezoria team in the past and know that they were very happy to work with you. Are you still making content for them?

Aidan: Not at the moment, but yes, we are still in touch. They are awesome.

ACS: They told us you've made that outstanding articles for How to be a Soft Girl, EGirl Hairstyles, and Full Cottagecore Guide.

Aidan: Ah, yes. I've been researching a lot a found the very deep roots of this aesthetics to make a perfect aesthetic guide. Where people may find everything they want to know about aesthetics itself and discover tips for MakeUp, Hairstyles, Jewelry, and even color palettes that work best.

ACS: The articles are amazing, we can see your overall style in all of them. And we get why the Orezoria team is speaking highly of you.

Aidan: Thank you. Working with Orezoria was very interesting and I've got a lot of experience with many aesthetic styles and social data for how people form new aesthetics. What drives their passion and how even small visual elements may work an important critical role in an aesthetic outfit.

ACS: Ok, Aidan, please tell us about your plans for the future content?

Aidan: Well, as I said earlier, I'm already working on a new aesthetic clothing compilation. I will publish it in a few days.

My overall plans are to make sure I'm monitoring all the newest aesthetics from TikTok and Instagram. As soon as a new worthy aesthetic trend is rising - gather maximum information about it and make a wiki-a-like-quality article so it would be helpful for the internet community.

I already think of myself as a modern aesthetics guru after all the content and guides I've created. I noticed how my fashion taste and way of thinking changed after all these years I've been working on aesthetic fashion-related projects. Tremendously.

ACS: Thank you a lot, Aidan, for this Interview.

Aidan: I'm glad you've decided to arrange the interview. There's a whole decade that ran through my head while I was answering your questions. It was cool.


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