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Nice, love the clips

Nice, love the clips. Thank you. Delivery was a bit long, 19 days. But the clippers are so amazing! Thank you!

Amazing, Absolutely LIT!

Amazing, Absolutely LIT! The fuel tank is pretty and the overall feel of the lighter hair clip is nice. Love the color.

Took the white color, 5 stars!

Took the white color, 5 stars! Love the lighter hair clipper.

Nice, love these lighter clippers

Nice, love these lighter clippers. Will build an outstanding harsh grunge aesthetic look with them, thank you. Delivery 15 days to NY.

Outstanding hair clips!

Outstanding hair clips! Love them. The color is amazing and they seem durable enough to last long.

Love em!

They are as cute and comfortable as advertised! It's a bit of a snug fit for larger feet so the toes can end up in some odd places but all in all it's still great.

Good quality but there’s a dent on one side

They’re good but they do have a small dent on one side that’s not rlly noticeable but is if u look close enough. Regardless I still love them regardless

Very nice

The slippers are very nice and warm, thank you.

10/10, the slippers are great!

10/10, the slippers are great! Soft and Awesome!


The quality and print colors are awesome. delivery is long but that's ok.


Nice tee, quality is good. Print is also awesome.

Lovely Reze Outfit!

Thank you so much! Absolutely in love with this outfit! Delivery was around 19 days.

Hello and thank you!

Hello and thank you! Quality and the textile feels are great!

Nice quality of the dress and shirt

Nice quality of the dress and shirt, everything is fine. Delivery was 20 days to France. One of my favorite cosplay outfits atm.

Outstanding print quality

Outstanding print quality! Thank you!

Thank you

Thank you for this shirt, the quality is good.


Nice tee, love it. Big fan of CM manga.

Good tee quality

Good tee quality. soft and nice.

In love with Makima Outfit!

In love with Makima Outfit! Outstanding quality!


I bought a full set, the quality is top-notch!

Thank you!

Took the yellow option, but then noticed that you've added the orange one. Will surely buy them! Lenses quality is awesome!


Nice! The gold option is good! Delivery was 21 days.


Yellow ones are great! Thank you so much!

10/10 Amazing!

Took every option, but the golden one is the most awesome, in my opinion!

Just amazing!

Just amazing! I've been looking for orange lenses for a month! Thank you!